How Common Are Medical Misdiagnoses?

How Common Are Medical Misdiagnoses?


05/15/2013 // New York Injury Accident Lawyer // Jonathan C. Reiter // (press release)

According to research medical misdiagnosis occur at a higher rate than drug errors or wrong-site surgery. Statistics place the number of fatal medical misdiagnoses as nearly equal to the number of deaths from breast cancer, amounting to more than an estimated 40,000 deaths each year. Several factors contribute to the fact that medical misdiagnoses are far more common than many would expect, and there is growing concern about the impact this issue has on the health care system.

The complexity of many medical procedures, time pressures experienced by physicians and medical personnel, and the high number of patients seen by medical practitioners, are all issues within the healthcare system that contribute to problems such as misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses of serious health conditions for patients.

Many diagnostic errors are not detected until years after a patient is misdiagnosed, often when it is too late. Furthermore, some doctors are never made aware that they made a mistake because patients choose to seek medical care elsewhere, patients themselves are not aware that the misdiagnosis was the cause of additional health problems, or patients may choose not to take legal action regardless of whether they are aware of the misdiagnosis.

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