Common Questions About Social Security Disability

04/24/2013 // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright // (press release)

Social Security Disability Insurance is one type of cash benefit program offered by the Social Security Administration that individuals who have become disabled and are no longer able to work may qualify for. There are strict eligibility requirements in order to be approved for these benefits. The following are common questions many applicants have before and after they have submitted an application for approval as well as during the process to get feedback from Social Security regarding the outcome.

• How much am I eligible to receive each month? – The monthly amount an approved applicant may receive for SSDI depends on factors such as the average lifetime earnings of the recipient and how much was contributed through SSA tax.

• Will I also automatically be provided medical benefits if I am approved? – SSDI beneficiaries are also eligible for Medicare benefits, but eligibility doesn’t begin until 29 months following their entitlement date.

• Will my disability benefits be taken if I owe child support? – Depending on one’s circumstances, a portion of SSDI benefits can be taken for child support payments; however, one should also be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits for minor children that can assist in support.

• How long will it take for me to start receiving payments after I am approved? – The time frame for when an applicant may begin receiving payments after they have been approved varies. The Social Security Administration will notify an applicant after they have been approved about when they can expect their payments to begin.

• Will I receive back pay from Social Security? – Most approved disability applicants are owed back pay due to the length of time it typically takes to process claims; however, one needs to keep in mind that once a claim is approved, SSA does not pay benefits for the first five months due to the waiting period .

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