Do you have a Canadian criminal record? We can get you a free Canadian Pardon

Do you have a Canadian criminal record? We can get you a free Canadian Pardon


05/02/2013 (press release: Ken) // Surrey, BC, Canada // Ken Scott

Do you want a free Canadian Pardon? The stigma of a criminal record can be both embarrassing and extremely painful. Getting a Record Suspension aka (pardon) is an opportunity to seal past mistakes from the public visibility.

“Travel and Employment equally seem to be the reasons why people seek out and obtain these forms of relief,” said Ken Scott, the firm’s owner. The firm has been helping people resolve their border crossing issues for nearly 15 years. What I find interesting is the number of people whom think that getting a Record Suspension will clear them to enter the United States. I tell them that a pardon has absolutely no bearing regarding this issue. A Canadian Pardon is not recognized by Homeland Security. I even tell them that not every crime will require that you even need a waiver. They stare at me dumbfounded. As well, they then tell me that their pardon and waiver company told them that they could do an “Expedited Waiver” for them to enter the USA. I inform them that such a thing does not exist. They tell me that their pardon and waiver charged them for such a service. I then tell them that their pardon and waiver company was less than truthful with them. Sometimes they even argue and I tell them to ask their service provider to show them where under U.S. law that they can get such a service. I have had many competitors call me, and was upset because their clients were coming to us. I told them that if you were truthful with people, then whatever I said would have had absolutely no bearing. There were many days that they slammed down the phone on me, when they discovered that we do Canadian Pardons for free,” he added.

It is now commonplace for these companies to charge people extra money to get D.H.S to process their U.S. waiver application faster. Per the FAQ section from regarding this topic, “OK, sit down for a minute. There is no such thing as “standard or expedited processing.” This is simply a marketing tool that is used by our competitors to get your money. They falsely make you believe that they can expedite the processing with the U.S. government.

“Standard/expedited processing” has nothing to do with the U.S. government. If there was such a service, then we would offer it to you! Once your packet is submitted at the border, they submit it to the Admissibly Review Office. Once the ARO receives it, they determine how long they need to adjudicate. Again, there is absolutely no such thing as standard or expedited processing.

Denied Entry to USA, specializes in resolving U.S. border crossing issues. A national legal outsource provider firm with locations and affiliates throughout Canada, USA and U.K. A Record Suspension offers a long awaited fresh start to those persons whom clearly are rehabilitated and wish a fresh start in life. The name “Record Suspension” came about based on legislative changes in March 2012. We are only firm doing free Canadian pardons. THIS FIRM ALSO HEAVILY BELIEVES IN SUPPORTING AND PARTICIPATING IN LOCAL COMMUNITY EVENTS.

Ken Scott

(888) 908-3841

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