Concord, Massachusetts Bans Sales of Personal-Size Water Bottles

04/08/2013 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley // (press release)

Concord, MA — Residents of Concord are up in arms after the city has decided to ban the sales personal-size bottled waters within its city limits. But city leaders stand by their decision, because they say the plastic bottles are leading to environmental concerns, Fox 6 Atlanta reports.

The Food and Water Watch says: “Bottled water wastes fossil fuels in production and transport. Rather than being recycled, about 75% of the empty plastic bottled end up in our landfills, lakes, streams and oceans, where they may never fully decompose.”

But bottled water companies assert that plastic water bottles uses fewer plastics and energy than other bottled drinks, and call the ban a ridiculous curb on consumer choice.

Some are also raising eyebrows over the measure, especially with the surging obesity rates all over the U.S. It is believed that this ban will lead consumers to choose sugary drinks over water.

The ban could be lifted when leaders vote again on the measure later this month.

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