Understanding Eligibility for Dependents Under Social Security Disability

04/04/2013 // San Antonio, TX, USA // Wright Disability Firm // Wyatt Wright // (press release)

Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm™ discusses factors related to eligibility for dependents under Social Security Disability.

Many individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits have dependents that rely on them for financial support. In some circumstances dependents of recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may be eligible to receive benefits from Social Security as well. Social Security Disability benefits can be passed on to the dependents of recipients. These may include minor children, one’s spouse, or others who rely on an eligible recipient’s income.

Depending on one’s relationship to an individual deemed eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Whereas, the dependent may be eligible to receive benefits if they were receiving at least one-half of his or her support from the individual at the time the parent became disabled. The “Family Maximum” benefit amount is based upon what the dependent paid to SSA while they were working, A number of factors are taken into consideration for determining eligibility for dependents. The Social Security Administration outlines these, and information about determining eligibility in these cases can be obtained from the agency or online.

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney or advocate can also provide support in understanding eligibility criteria for dependents. Having the support of an advocate who thoroughly understands the laws concerning Social Security, the filing process, and eligibility requirements can be a lifeline for those needing help to obtain benefits for which they may be eligible.

The Social Security Disability advocates of Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm™ can help those with questions related to filing a claim for dependent or spousal benefits. Individuals may visit http://www.wrightdisabilityfirm.com/supplemental-security/social-security-disability-insurance.html for more information or to obtain a free case evaluation

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