What if I’ve Suffered Hearing Loss from Noise Exposure at a Construction Site?

What if I’ve Suffered Hearing Loss from Noise Exposure at a Construction Site?


03/29/2013 // New York, New York, US // New York Injury Accident Lawyer // The Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter // (press release)

When many people talk about construction accident injuries, there is one type of serious injury that is too often overlooked. Noise exposure, like electrocutions, falls, and other hazards can leave construction workers with long-term impairment and affect their quality of life. Many workers who have suffered noise-induced hearing loss are New York construction accident victims and do not understand their rights under the law.

Recommendations by the National Institute of Occupational Health suggest that workers wear protective hearing devices if they are exposed to loud noise levels for prolonged periods of time. Exposure to loud machinery on construction sites without this type of protection can be a problem for many workers. Some workers choose not to wear such devices for various reasons, while employers may not provide them to others. In either case, irreversible damage to one’s hearing could occur. OSHA has also outlined specific guidelines for noise thresholds and failure to operate within those guidelines, or failure to warn workers about the use of protective gear, could be grounds for a lawsuit.

There are warning signs that construction workers should look out for that may indicate they may have been exposed to noise at dangerous levels at work sites. These include:

• Pain in the ears

• Habitual or temporary ringing in the ears

• Having to talk louder to communicate with others

• Having to have others repeat themselves to understand what they have said

• Experiencing periods of temporary loss of hearing after being in a loud environment

If you have experienced these or other hearing problems after working long-term on a construction site, a New York construction accident attorney may be able to help you evaluate your legal options.

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