California County May Help Restore Public Faith With Whistleblower Ordinance

03/26/2013 // San Francisco, California, US // Whistleblower Law Firm // Keller Grover // (press release)

San Mateo County, which is more widely known as Silicon Valley, recently passed a new whistleblower ordinance that some hope may help restore public faith following a string of fraud and abuse reports, as noted in a recent news report by The Daily Journal. The ordinance is designed to enhance the whistleblower process with the establishment of a hotline, website and other resources that will help alert the county of financial practices that may be suspicious or unethical.

The whistleblower lawyers of the law firm of Keller Grover suggest that these types of ordinances may be just one key to the puzzle for reducing government fraud or unethical business practices involving government contracts that lead to wasteful spending. People who have information about illegal or unethical financial practices need a simple way to effectively report what they know, as ordinances such as the one recently passed in Silicon Valley demonstrates.

In addition to the implementation of websites, training programs, and other tools that may give local counties a means to allow whistleblowers to more effectively report fraud, Keller notes that California’s state whistleblower law allows for qui tam claims for fraud on local government. This means that individuals who report fraud regarding local government contracts can receive a portion of penalties imposed or damages recovered on behalf of the government.

Keller Grover whistleblower attorneys are available to provide legal support for workers and others who may have information about financial fraud that they would like to report. If you have information about suspected fraudulent business practices involving government contracts or other matters, contact the firm today to request a free, confidential case evaluation or to arrange a consultation with a qualified legal professional.

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