How Do I Know Whether to Apply for SSDI or SSI Benefits?

03/20/2013 // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright // (press release)

Filing for Social Security benefits can be a challenging process as many applicants are inexperienced in doing so. The first question many applicants have is which program am I eligible to receive benefits under, and is the filing process the same for both Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income?

Although filing the application for both programs is similar, there are different eligibility requirements for each, and the Social Security Administration determines which program an applicant is eligible to receive benefits under. However, in some circumstances, a claim for concurrent benefits (meaning both SSI and SSDI benefits) may be filed as well.

Social Security Disability eligibility is based on the amount an applicant has paid into the program from working in addition to those requirements associated with their disability. Supplemental Security Income eligibility is based on an applicant’s financial need in addition to disability requirements. Understanding the key differences between the two programs can be helpful for applicants to understand what they may be able to expect to receive and possible arrangements that could be made to get help with the filing process.

The Social Security advocates at Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm? are available to help those who have questions related to filing for Social Security benefits. Many individuals are faced with being denied approval for their claim initially, based on errors that could have been prevented had they had the support of an experienced attorney or advocate specializing in matters pertaining to Social Security law.

Individuals may contact the firm today for more information about how they may be able to provide help for a particular case, or to request a free evaluation or professional consultation.

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