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NY Bus Accident Report: A Calvary Coach bus was traveling from Harvard University to Philadelphia Saturday, February 2, carrying 42 high-school students when it crashed into an overpass, according to information received by New York City injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter. The accident injured 35 people.

The bus was carrying students who had just toured the University. According to reports, the bus had just begun its hours-long journey back to Philadelphia when the accident occurred. The driver was trying to navigate Boston’s notoriously confusing roadways when he looked down at his GPS. Upon looking back at the roadway he saw the bridge but was too close to avoid hitting it, according to Ray Talmedge, owner of the Philadelphia-based bus company.

Massachusetts state police reported 35 injured people, one listed in critical condition. Four others were listed in stable condition, but remained hospitalized after others were released.

Some of the passengers were trapped for over an hour as rescue crews tackled the situation. Firefighters could be seen standing on top of the bus’ crumpled roof using boards to extract passengers.

Authorities reported the bus did not belong on Soldier’s Field Road, a major crosstown street where a 10-foot height limit is in place – meaning over sized vehicles are not allowed. Signs warning of the overpass restrictions are “all over the place,” according to a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department.

The driver, who was uninjured in the crash, failed to heed the signs, according to state police. He will likely be cited for an over-height violation. The probe will also look into whether more significant charges will be filed.

The driver said he did not know of the road restrictions.

Transit buses were sent to the scene of the accident to pick up the uninjured passengers and get them out of the cold weather.

The bridge only suffered cosmetic damages, and the road was reopened the following day, adds New York bus accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter.

The students were part of a Destined for a Dream foundation group, based in Bristol, Pa. The Facebook page for the organization explained that the trip to Harvard was to “visit the campus, site with the office of cultural advancement, followed by a tour of the campus…followed by Harvard Square (shopping, eating, sightseeing, etc.) This should be a fun time for all!”

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