Are Disability Ratings for Veterans Similar to Those for Other SSDI Applicants?

02/08/2013 // San Antonio, Texas, US // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright // (press release)

Veterans who have become disabled as a result of actively serving in the military, may qualify for veterans benefits. For cases such as these, the Department of Veterans Affairs assigns compensable ratings to determine the amount of benefits a disabled veteran may be able to receive for their claim.

There are differences between veterans disability and Social Security disability primarily with regards to eligibility requirements. Applicants applying for Social Security disability must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability and be unable to perform certain functions or work duties in maintaining employment to provide for themselves financially. However, veterans may be able to receive VA compensation even if they are not 100% disabled. Ratings for veterans are determined in increments of 10% and compensation may be granted for disability ratings under 100%.

Recipients of veterans benefits may also be eligible for Social Security disability benefits depending on their circumstances, although a 100% compensable rating by the VA does not guarantee approval. A Social Security disability lawyer or advocate can help veterans understand their eligibility for Social Security benefits in the event that they have become disabled due to circumstances while actively serving in the military.

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