Human rights groups seek closure of Dallas jail

Human rights groups seek closure of Dallas jail


01/24/2013 // West Palm Beach , Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Dallas – Multiple human rights groups are calling for the Dallas based Dawson State jail to be shut down. As reported by CBS 11 News, several groups including the ACLU and Human Rights Defense Center, have sent lawmakers in Texas letters requesting the closure of the jail, which they assert is “putting incarcerated people at risk with poor conditions — and creating liability for the state of Texas.”

Executive director of Grass Roots Leadership, Bob Lidal, is quoted in the report as stating of the issue, “It has become abundantly clear this facility is unsafe for the people who are incarcerated in the facility and there is a growing momentum around the state and the country to close this facility.”

Tennessee based prison management company CCA, which runs the facility, is quoted as stating in response to the claims, “It’s unfortunate that these organizations are so closed-minded — when it comes to facts that might challenge their political agendas.”

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