The New Year Rings In New Changes to California Labor Laws

01/21/2013 // Los Angeles, CA, USA // Keller Grover LLP // Los Angeles Attorney Eric Grover // (press release)

Los Angeles, C.A.—The New Year has ushered in new changes to California’s labor laws and the employment lawyers at Keller Grover LLP want to make sure all working Californians know their rights.

“It happens all the time; businesses fail to follow labor laws and employees suffer,” says Eric Grover, a Los Angeles employment lawyer. “Employees need to hold their employer accountable for failing to follow labor laws that protect their rights and the only way to do so is be educated on the laws surrounding employment.”

If you’re unaware of the new labor law changes that take effect this month, here is what you can expect:

• All commission agreements must now be written contracts that are signed by the employee. The written commission agreement must describe the method by which commissions are determined and compensated.

• Upon employee request, employers must provide copies of personnel files, clarification of duties, and itemized wage statements.

• Employers must now pay overtime to non-exempt “salaried” employees at the state regulated rate.

• Employers are explicitly forbidden to request social media login information from employees and applicants.

• An expansion of California’s discrimination laws regarding religious accommodation and breastfeeding. The law is more broadly defined to include head or face coverings, jewelry, the wearing or carrying of religious clothing and the wearing of all forms of head, facial and body hair in the observance of the employee’s religion.

• The law that states that an employer who “knowingly and intentionally” fails to provide a pay stub is subject to pay actual damages or statutory penalties up to $4,000 in connection with any “injury” to the employee, has been further defined and expanded.

• The California False Claims Act regarding whistleblower claims has been expanded. Under this expansion you can no longer terminate agreements because a contractor or consultant reports something in your company that may be a violation of law.

“Knowing your rights and changes in the employment laws is the first defense against an employer taking advantage of you, and helps in avoiding an employment lawsuit to obtain what you are due as a result violations of the new labor laws,” says Mr. Grover, the Los Angeles employment attorney. “

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