Google Authorship: Revolution Not Evolution for Lawyer Marketing

01/03/2013 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras // (press release)

Cepac has written before about the benefits of inbound lawyer marketing and how this tactic can help boost your website’s ranking and attract new visitors to your site by offering them content that answers their questions about the legal process while creating an authority status for your law firm website in Google. It is more of a “pull” style of marketing tactic, rather than the “push” style of print ads, direct mail or using TV spots to get your firm noticed. Prospects often find this approach more helpful than traditional advertising.

Google has taken inbound marketing and the creation of content to a new level and it is more of a revolution than an evolution. Their new twist is called Google Authorship and it connects a writer’s Google+ profile to every article or press release they distribute online. Connecting a publishing domain with a Google+ profile offers many benefits, including an increase in online visibility and a more consistent stream of traffic to your law firm website.

Here are a few of the main benefits of incorporating this tactic into your online marketing strategy:

Boosts SEO Results: As in the past, content is king, but now Google has a tool to evaluate that content and, as of its last few algorithm updates, is placing an even stronger emphasis on the quality of the content. Google authorship for your content allows Google the ability to qualify the writing and use AuthorRank to rate it to warrant a boost in ranking.

More Effective Online Branding: By attributing all of the content created and released to a specific and identifiable author consistently, an attorney or law firm can create an even greater sense of authority online and become “the” expert for their areas of practice. In Google searches, often the profile picture from the author’s Google+ account appears alongside the article delivered.

Link Building: The search engines have always viewed links to your site from other high quality sites as votes of confidence. Building links naturally is a key element in SEO and in becoming an authority site. With authorship status, Google offers additional links to similar content by the same author when a reader spends sufficient time reading an article and then hits the back button. This helps boost viewership for those pages and content tied to that author.

Builds Trust With Readers: By placing a name, small bio and picture alongside every Google authored post, the content becomes that much more personalized and helps develop a following for related content crafted by the same author. It is much easier to build trust with a real human connection than it is with unknown authors’ posts.

To take advantage of Google’s new Authorship feature, Cepac’s Vision Smart Newsrooms now include functionality in their content management systems that link an author’s Google+ profile to every original article created and syndicated across a vast network of newswire partners. This platform is unique in its ability to seamlessly share quality content across the web and take advantage of this recent development. The newsrooms are customized to match the look and feel of existing law firm websites and are designed to allow ease of use for virtually anyone with basic web skills, including optimizing content to achieve top placement in the search engine results for all major search engines.

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