Police warn NJ residents of kidnapping scam

12/13/2012 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley // (press release)

South Brunswick, NJ — Police are warning residents of a kidnapping scam that has taken place in South Brunswick in which a person claims to have a relative held captive until a ransom is paid, WCBA New York reports.

According to police, a recent incident involved a father who received a phone call alerting him that his son was involved in a car accident. He was then told that his son is being held captive unless they paid for the auto damages through a Western Union transaction. Once the transaction was made, the caller said that his son would be able to go to the hospital.

The father sent $1,800 and the anonymous caller told him to go to a New Brunswick hospital.

After not locating his son at the hospital, the father called his cell phone and learned that no such accident occurred.

Authorities revealed that other similar calls have been reported in various parts of New Jersey. The suspects typically ask for $1,800 and have an area code that appears to be from Puerto Rico.

If you receive a call, you are advised to call police.

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