Can There Be Compensation for Construction Accidents in Natural Disasters?

Can There Be Compensation for Construction Accidents in Natural Disasters?


12/13/2012 // New York City, NY, USA // New York City Accident Lawyer // Jonathan C Reiter // (press release)

Hurricane Sandy left many individuals without, among other things, electricity and sufficient shelter to shield them from the terrible impact of the storm. One of the worst natural disasters New York has seen to date, the super storm led to a number of families suffering financial and other losses and feeling the additional sting of having limited to zero resources for recovering from the damages they incurred.

Several news outlets reported on a crane collapse in Manhattan that occurred during the storm. Multiple area businesses were affected by the collapse, as well as several residents who were forced to leave their homes. Although no injuries were reportedly directly linked to the crane collapse, questions remain as to whether the accident and resulting damages are attributable to the natural disaster or linked to human error?

Even in the event that a natural disaster occurs, it may not be the total cause of resulting damages in co-occurrences such as a construction accident. Negligence or misconduct may also play a role as these often do when there is no natural disaster or other extenuating circumstances. In the case of the New York crane collapse, investigators continue to work to determine the cause of the accident; however, if negligence is found to have been a factor, liability for resulting damages may warrant the need of those affected to seek legal support to be compensated for damages from those responsible. Damages in this case may include expenses for temporary relocation and other costs.

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