Hurricane Sandy Prompts Employers to Evaluate Their Policies

/ 11/03/2012

Our nation watched with horror as Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast. Now, Americans have stepped forward to assist with the recovery efforts to get those affected by the storm back on their feet.


Watching East Coast residents, employers, and others deal with the issues they are now facing has caused a few employers to evaluate their own situations. While here in Dallas, we stand little chance of being hit by a hurricane, natural disasters can and do put us out of commission sometimes. What should an employer do to prepare for a natural disaster?


An employer should establish policies (and remind employees of them before an incoming storm) regarding what happens when bad weather strikes. The employees need to know who to contact and where they can access information. The employer should also establish policies so that employees understand how bad weather days count (or do not count) towards their paid time off. Finally, an employer should make sure it has emergency contact information for its employees. This includes cell phone numbers since landline telephones may be knocked out of service. An employee in the human resources department may need to keep a hard copy list of these numbers since a storm might make computer access impossible.


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