Is it Time to Seek Support From an SSI Attorney or Advocate Firm?

10/29/2012 // TX, USA // Wright Disability Firm // Wyatt Wright // (press release)

Oftentimes, when individuals apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, they are unfamiliar with the process to begin with. The fear of having to cut through red tape to receive benefits can be overwhelming for some, especially in cases where one feels they have to go through the process alone.

The decision to seek help from a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate may be a complex matter to some as well. Fears about whether an attorney or advocate firm will provide one with the support they need can arise with those unfamiliar with the qualities that matter most in those who provide these types of services. However, having the support of an experienced professional who has successfully helped others obtain these types of benefits is beneficial, particularly in cases where one must re-file a claim that was initially denied.

The following are key considerations in determining whether it may be time to seek support from an SSI attorney or advocate firm:

• Have you filed a claim that was initially denied? Many claims are at first denied for various reasons. Those who meet the eligibility requirements should not be dissuaded from re-filing for benefits. With professional support, they may be able to obtain approval.

• Do you understand the requirements and filing guidelines outlined by the Social Security Administration? Social Security has strict guidelines for filing and eligibility requirements. With professional support, one may be better able to understand the process and navigate the required steps with someone advocating on their behalf.

• Are you able to keep track of important dates and deadlines pertaining to your filing? A professional in this area can offer support in keeping track of important dates and deadlines a claimant may be unable to stay abreast of.

• Are you afraid of making mistakes on your application that could be maintained on record? Mistakes on one’s application may stay on record; therefore, it is important to take steps to ensure that one’s application is as error free and complete as possible and an experienced professional can provide the needed support.

• Are you familiar with Social Security law? Not understanding certain elements of Social Security law can lead to costly mistakes for applicants that could contribute to the denial of their claim. An experienced professional can help one better understand the law with regard to how it pertains to their claim.

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