Dallas Noncompete Lawyer Discusses Evolution of Texas Noncompete Law

/cdklawyers.com// 10/26/2012

Dallas noncompete lawyer Keith Clouse has practiced employment law for over 20 years. During that time span, he has closely monitored trends and developments in noncompete law. This area of the law changes rapidly, and each new case provides insight into how courts will interpret and enforce these agreements.


At one time, common law generally prohibited any restraint on trade. Over time, Texas courts began to enforce reasonable covenants not to compete. Then, the state legislature passed a statute regarding covenants not to compete. This statute established the requirements for an enforceable covenant not to compete.


At first, courts interpreted the law’s requirements in a highly technical way. Scholars and practitioners considered Texas to be a pro-employee state. Over time, however, the Texas Supreme Court backed away from such highly technical interpretations. Recent decisions have emphasized that the analysis of a noncompete agreement should focus less on the technical requirements and more on whether the restraints imposed by the noncompete agreement are reasonable. The law now trends towards a pro-employer, pro-enforcement stance.


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