Construction Worker Dies in Elevator Shaft Plunge

Construction Worker Dies in Elevator Shaft Plunge


10/24/2012 // New York, NY, USA // New York Injury Accident Lawyer // Jonathan C. Reiter // (press release)

A Queens construction worker, Anastassios (“Tommy”) Intzeyiannis, 41 years old, has died, 11 days after he plunged five stories down an elevator shaft at Fordham University. Though he appeared to be recovering initially, his condition suddenly deteriorated, and he died at St. Luke’s Hospital, reports NY construction accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter.

Mr. Intzeyiannis was performing masonry work, when he fell down the elevator shaft. He was wearing a safety harness, but preliminary investigation revealed that the harness either malfunctioned, or the harness was not properly secured onto his person, and gave way, causing the tragic incident.

According to Bronx injury attorney, Jonathan C. Reiter, who has handled many construction site accidents, this case falls under the strict liability provisions of the New York Labor Law, section 240(1). Mr. Reiter stated: “Labor Law section 240(1) was passed during the early part of the last century, in recognition of the enormous risks of serious injury and death associated with falls at construction sites. This law states that if a person is injured or killed by the operation of the force of gravity, that is, if the person falls, or if an object falls on the person, there is strict liability against the owner of the building and all contractors and their agents, associated with the construction or renovation of the building.” Mr. Reiter continued his analysis of this accident by stating: “ There is a legal requirement to furnish the construction workers with proper safety equipment which is in working order. If this worker was provided a safety harness which was not in proper working order, and as a result, fell, causing his death, that would be grounds for strict liability under this law as well.”

An accident investigation is necessary to determine the cause of this accident, including a crucial inspection of the safety harness by an expert.

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