Dealing with Unrealistic Settlement Expectations

/ 10/20/2012

To settle a discrimination lawsuit, both the employer and the employee have to “come together” regarding their understandings of the evidence, the law, and the value of the case. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if a plaintiff comes to the negotiating table with sky high expectations.


A plaintiff’s friends and family members may have convinced the plaintiff that the employer’s conduct was outrageous. The plaintiff may have spent months stewing over the employer’s actions. And, given the press that is afforded to high dollar personal injury cases over spilled coffee and other matters, the plaintiff may have developed an incredibly inflated sense of the case’s worth. Some plaintiffs truly believe they are entitled to millions of dollars. But, even in the most egregious situations, an employee’s damages rarely even come close to such high dollar figures.


In these cases, the plaintiff’s attorney has a hard job. The attorney must educate the client about the reality of the situation. The attorney must then guide the client to a more realistic understanding of the case’s worth and a more reasonable settlement expectation.


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