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The Albuquerque Wrongful Death Lawyer and truck accident attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy, P.C. help truck accident victims recover money for their injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes a prospective client must be told that he does not have a viable case. This means that, although the victim may have been hurt in the accident, significant obstacles exist in being able to prove the facts of the matter. Here, the attorneys provide information about what you can do to avoid that situation.

If you are involved in a trucking accident, DO NOT:

1. Wait to speak to a lawyer. All cases must be brought with a certain time period. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, that deadline may pass. Also, the faster you contact an attorney, the faster the attorney can notify the truck driver and the trucking company that they have a duty to preserve evidence. If critical evidence is not preserved, proving how and why the accident occurred will be difficult.

2. Wait to get medical treatment. Sometimes victims of truck accidents think that they are “just a little sore.” Maybe they lack medical insurance and the funds to pay out-of-pocket for a visit to the doctor. For whatever reason, these victims put off getting medical treatment. This sends a message to the trucking company that the victim’s injuries were not severe.

3. Speak to the trucking company’s insurance company without talking to a lawyer first. The insurance company’s goal is to pay you the least amount of money possible to make you drop your claims. An insurance company’s representative may try to talk you into settling your claims for far less money than you are owed.

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