Jailed U.S. Congressional Candidate Charges Prosecutorial Misconduct

Jailed U.S. Congressional Candidate Charges Prosecutorial Misconduct


10/15/2012 (press release: mdignam) // Diamondhead , MS, USA // Michael Dignam

Long standing Conservative hero and Nationally recognized Mormon Female Leader who worked directly with the President of the Mormon Church to organize all the LDS Stakes across the country to fight the Equal Rights Amendment, Abortion and later the Lottery was Jailed on April 3 rd., 2012 for 70 mo. for a $4,500. first offense with no bail and no parole. Gail Dignam, denied bail, now awaits in prison the upcoming oral argument on her recently filed appeal at the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gail Dignam was the lone Republican Whistle-Blower who authored legislation as an elected Republican Louisiana State official to investigate ACORN in Louisiana, and its US Senate backers Barack Obama and Barney Frank, for Voter Fraud in 2008. Although the State of Louisiana declined to prosecute Gail Dignam after a multi-year investigation, her failed Congressional Party opponent at that time seeking re-election to U.S. Congress, Donald Cazayoux, (after being appointed as U.S. Attorney by President Barack Obama) did elect to prosecute Gail Dignam for a $9,000. Indictment of secretly directing $9,000. to her son from the $7,000,000. she administered for the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government.

The eventual conviction of secretly directing $4,500. to her son from the $7,000,000. Federal and state funds (no fine) was as described in the indictment based on the testimony the lone material witness Don Peterson that he did not know Gail’s son was receiving the funds and that he did not authorize her to sign his name in order to expedite his being paid while being treated in hospitals for Parkinson’s Disease and his intermittent cancer treatments and operations.

Germaine to Gail Dignam’s charge of Prosecutorial Misconduct is that this lone material witness against Gail Dignam was seen by a well respected attorney to have signed the Notarized Affidavit three months before trial on the basis that he was going to “clear his conscience” and in the words of that attorney “If the government said he did not mean to complete the affidavit then there must be Prosecutorial Misconduct on the part of the Government”. (a policy that was approved standard procedure in the GPA office Gail Dignam inherited after the previous director was fired.)

Gail Dignam was not allowed to present this “clear the conscience” affidavit at trial nor talk about the possibility that selective political prosecution may have occurred and more egregiously she is adamant that the Government should not have been allowed to seize all her investigator’s and her legal defense strategies and computers and recordings on the basis that he and other witnesses had been coerced. At trial all were asked if they were coerced and all said no.

Critically, when Gail Dignam asked the issuing Federal Magistrate Judge in Mississippi for a copy of the signed affidavit used to seize her confidential attorney client and investigator records, he replied “The Assistant U.S. Attorney in Baton Rouge, Middle District Federal Court has sealed the record and as a result the signed affidavit would not be provided to the defense.” There are no National Security issues involved in Gail Dignam’s case and she feels the copy of the signed affidavit should have been given to her as the materials taken in the seizure were effectively used to usurp her constitutional rights.

Additionally, Gail Dignam’s defense is concerned that a cover-up exists (in many areas) and that her Constitutional rights as a whistle-blower, a Candidate for U.S. Congress, a U.S. Citizen and her right to Due Process were all violated. Gail Dignam can only hope that in her upcoming appeal recently filed in the 5th Circuit Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans, Louisiana, that the light of day will shine on her case to vindicate her long standing never tarnished reputation and to free her from prison.

The Office of Professional Responsibility declined to investigate the issues at hand till her appeal is complete, however Gail now still sits in Federal Prison, without bail or parole opportunities and her appeal may take up to 18 months before it is heard.

Her own story is told on her website at http://GailDignamForCongress.com .

Gail Dignam Authors Legislation as Elected Official to Expose Voter Fraud.

Gail Dignam Bravely is the Whistle-Blower on potential $2,000,000. Federal & State Finance Fraud.



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