U.S. Congress Candidate Jailed – $4,500. 1st Offense Awaits 5th Circuit Appeal

10/03/2012 (press release: mdignam) // Atlanta, GA, USA // Michael Dignam

Long standing Conservative hero and Mormon Female Leader nominated by President Reagan for “Most Outstanding Woman in America” award was Jailed on April 3 rd., 2012 for 70 mo. for a $4,500. first offense with no bail and no parole. Gail Dignam, denied bail, now awaits in prison the upcoming oral argument on her recently filed appeal at the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gail Dignam was the lone Republican Whistle-Blower who authored legislation as an elected state official to investigate ACORN in Louisiana and its US Senate backers Barack Obama and Barney Frank for Voter Fraud in 2008. Although the state declined to prosecute, the Party opponent of Gail at that time who lost his re-election to Gail’s attack and was later appointed U.S. Attorney by President Barack Obama, chose to personally prosecute Gail in front of the jury during all three days of the trial for the $9,000. indictment of secretly directing $9,000. to her son from the $7,000,000. federal and state funds she administered. The conviction was for only $4,500. and was essentially based on the testimony of a cancer ridden witness afraid to admit income and who in addition to changing his testimony in 2010 from his official State of Louisiana Audit Testimony in 2008, convicting Gail, also said he was manipulated to say things he did not mean to by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in a Notarized Affidavit not allowed in at trial by that same U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Gail Dignam’s defense is concerned that her Constitutional rights as a Candidate for U.S. Congress, her rights as a U.S. Citizen and her right to Due Process were all violated and need the light of day to vindicate her long standing never impuned reputation and to free her from prison. Her own story is told on her website at http://GailDignamForCongress.com .

Gail Dignam Authors Legislation as Elected Official to Expose Voter Fraud.

Gail Dignam Bravely is the Whistle-Blower on potential $2,000,000. Federal & State Finance Fraud.



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