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A house collapse in Queens nearly killed two construction workers Friday, August 24, 2012. The Department of Buildings (DOB) reported a worker error was to blame for the fall at 231st Street in Laurelton, adds New York construction accident lawyer Jonathan C Reiter.

According to DOB reports, A&S Construction held the proper permits to enlarge the rear of the house and remove an illegal basement apartment. During construction, workers mistakenly removed a critical support beam in the rear wall, which caused the two side walls to collapse on six workers.

While four men escaped danger, two required rescue by the New York City Fire Department. The emergency responders got the men to safety quickly, pulling them out from under the debris.

Investigators are now ensuring the collapse did not threaten the stability of the surrounding buildings.

A stop-work order was put on the project Friday, according to the DOB, and A and S Construction will be fined for the incident.

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