EEOC Educates Students about Discrimination and Harassment

/ 09/29/2012

Unfortunately, young workers make easy targets for sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination. A young worker is new to the working world and may not understand the laws that protect her. She may not know how to respond to inappropriate conduct, and she may have no idea how to get her employer to stop a manager’s offensive behavior.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission plans to address this issue. To help educate youth about their employment rights and responsibilities, the EEOC recently released a video and accompanying classroom guides to educate working-age students about sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination. These materials help teachers and students identify illegal discrimination and harassment. The materials are free and will be posted online at The EEOC also updated its Youth@Work web page. This web page includes information about discrimination and suggests strategies young workers can use to prevent, and, if necessary, to respond to such discrimination.


Because young workers are so vulnerable, an employer should take steps to ensure that its young workers understand not only the company’s antidiscrimination policies but also the company’s reporting process. To speak to a Dallas employment law attorney about this topic, contact the Dallas employment lawyers at Clouse Dunn LLP. You may send an email to [email protected] or call (214) 239-2705.

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