FJA Member Patrick Canan wins District 5 School Board Seat

09/30/2012 // Tallahassee, FL, USA // Florida Justice Association // Florida Justice Association // (press release)

After the vote was in on August 14, 2012 for the District 5 School Board seat in St. Johns County – FJA member Patrick Canan was the winner. “WE DID IT!!!” he tweeted, “I want to thank everyone for their dedicated support throughout my campaign!” Canan has been involved with the St. Johns County School Board as a strategist on the School Board’s Core Planning Team since 2010.

Canan is now going to be crucial in implementing the team’s plan to foster impeccable character, academic excellence and community action in students across St. Johns County, a district already recognized as the highest performing in the state. Not to say there will not be challenges. As the district’s reserve fund slowly diminishes, Canan will be crucial in cutting expenditures or raising revenue. However, he has said that no matter what, student programs and the educational/academic product cannot be compromised.

In addition to his commitment to the school board, Canan is a trial lawyer and founder at Canan Law. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida in 1981 and has been practicing law nearly thirty years.

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