What to Discuss in a Free Consultation With a Social Security Attorney

09/24/2012 // Wright Disability Firm // Wayne Wright // (press release)

Many applicants often have questions in the early stages of the process and the list can continue to grow as time progresses and more complex issues arise.

Many Social Security attorneys offer free consultations as a preliminary step towards hiring them for representation, but for some prospective clients there may be uncertainty about what kind of support might be provided with an initial meeting. Understanding the difference between support services offered by Social Security lawyers versus Social Security advocates, filing restrictions, how one may qualify, and benefit amounts depending on the type of claim for benefits are just a few of the matters one may need to discuss early on.

In addition to the items mentioned above, a number of points may be discussed during a free consultation pertaining to an attorney or Social Security disability advocate’s service offerings, but knowing what particular items are most relevant to one’s claim for benefits may be an important assessment in advance of the consultation.

Making a detailed list of one’s expectations before choosing the services of a particular Social Security Disability advocate or law firm can be an important step for getting the most out of a free consultation. It can help focus the conversation on specific topics that relate to an individual’s circumstances. Every claim for benefits is unique to the individual and may require assistance at various stages of claims process including re-filing a claim that may have initially been denied.

The Social Security Disability advocates of Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm™ can provide individuals with a free consultation to discuss their filing options and any related questions they may have. Visit http://www.wrightdisabilityfirm.com/social-security-lawyers/social-security-attorney-advocate-faqs.html and get answers to your important questions today.

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