Texas Employment Law Attorney Reminds Healthcare Groups to Revisit Employment-Related Documents and Policies

/cdklawyers.com// 09/14/2012

A healthcare group typically consults with legal counsel when setting up the practice. At that time, a group typically hires an attorney to draft physician employment agreements, operating agreements, employee handbooks, and job descriptions as well as set up proper procedures for resolving personnel issues. Then, many healthcare groups do not consult with an attorney again until something goes wrong.


Keith Clouse is a Texas employment law attorney who regularly assists healthcare groups with employment-related matters. He believes these groups should revisit employment-related matters at least yearly for several reasons:
• Noncompete law changes rapidly. If a healthcare group asks a newly hired physician to sign an outdated agreement, neither party may get the benefit of the agreement.
• The federal and state governments frequently make changes to discrimination laws that impact employers. These changes should be incorporated into employee handbooks. In some cases, the employer has an obligation to post information about these laws for employees to review.
• Over time, a healthcare group’s practices may change until they no longer reflect the group’s policies as stated in the employee handbook and other documents. This discrepancy can have serious repercussions if an employee complains of unfair treatment.


Staying on top of these issues can help a healthcare group avoid expensive litigation. To speak to Mr. Clouse or to another Dallas employment law attorney at his firm, contact Clouse Dunn LLP at [email protected] or (214) 239-2705.

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