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09/12/2012 (press release: diyinstitute) // Aliso Viejo, CA, US //, an established leader in online divorce forms, recently released another video in their online divorce forms series. The video, titled “How to file New York Divorce Forms online,” is an education and informational video aimed at giving a summary overview of specific divorce laws along with the divorce process in the state of New York. The short yet insightful video is readily available both on their YouTube page as well as on the website. Offering exceptional everyday advice these videos can help anyone take the necessary steps in preparing for a divorce. If you’re in the state of New York and preparing for a divorce these videos can certainly help you become more knowledgeable and better prepared for the divorce process as a whole.

Divorce can be a stressful process, the first steps and decisions can often keep people from moving forward with their divorce. Allowing them to attain the information they need to immediately get started on their divorce forms not only saves time and money but emotion stress as well. is at the forefront of online divorce forms filing. Their customer friendly and easy to understand forms allows for anyone to answer the questions regarding their particular situation and to immediately fill out and print their New York divorce forms.

“We understand the stress and confusion that sometimes accompanies the beginning of the divorce process. With an easy to use website and straight forward feel, customers are able to get the answers they need without seeking expensive or untrustworthy advice,” said Jason Mcclain, the websites creator and CEO. “We are extremely proud about these videos. We are offering a revolutionary service that will help individuals avoid the pitfalls by allowing people to get the individual advice they are seeking, with the click of a button. Anyone with questions about divorce laws in New York will find these videos extremely helpful.” will continue their plans to produce a video for all 50 states and already has produced videos to help those looking to file for divorce in California and Florida. Each individual state has their own particular laws and rules in some areas regarding the divorce process. Each video contains specific information pertaining directly to that individual state’s law.

“We are very happy with how these videos have turned out,” said Daniel Bertsch, one part of the talented videography team directly responsible for the creation of the videos. “New York is a very populated state. We believe all these videos on our YouTube channel series will be highly successful in helping people find out the divorce information and online divorce forms they are looking for no matter where they live.”

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