Dallas, Texas Employment Lawyer Offers Tips for Avoiding a Retaliation Lawsuit

/cdklawyers.com// 08/28/2012

All employers hope to avoid lawsuits brought by current or former employees. Dallas, Texas employment lawyer Keith Clouse offers the following tips for how an employer can avoid a lawsuit based on a claim that the employer retaliated against an employee who complained of discriminatory or harassing behavior:

• Ensure that all employees who are in a position to retaliate (such as all managers) understand what activities constitute protected activities and what actions may constitute adverse employment actions under state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Managers must understand that once an employee has engaged in a protected activity, adverse employment actions cannot be taken without careful consideration.

• Take all complaints seriously. An employer should investigate each complaint carefully and thoroughly even if it initially appears bogus and even if it is against a key employee.

• Once an employee has engaged in a protected activity, be alert and watch for possible retaliatory conduct by other employees.

• Document all investigations and decisions. Doing so creates a written record of when and why certain actions were taken.


Of course, not all lawsuits can be prevented. You may speak to Mr. Clouse or to a Dallas employment lawyer at his firm, Clouse Dunn LLP, by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling (214) 239-2705.

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