Dallas Physician Employment Contract Attorney Discusses Call Coverage

/cdklawyers.com// 08/18/2012

Keith Clouse is a Dallas-based employment law attorney who frequently negotiates employment contracts for physicians. Mr. Clouse notes that one, often-overlooked, provision can dramatically impact a doctor’s personal life—a provision setting out the doctor’s call obligations. If a doctor’s call obligations turn out to be greater than anticipated, the doctor may end up feeling trapped at work.


Physicians’ call obligations vary widely. A standard physician employment contract may simply state that the doctor will be assigned to be on-call “as the practice group dictates.” Such vague language likely needs to be clarified. A doctor may ask for an amendment setting out the doctor’s actual obligations. Or, a doctor could request that the provision state that the doctor’s obligations shall be equal to the obligations of the other doctors in the group and on a mutually agreeable schedule. Certainly, if a practice group made promises or representations regarding the doctor’s on-call schedule during the interview process, the contract should reflect those; a doctor cannot rely on oral promises that contradict the written agreement.


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