Dallas Employment Lawyer Shares Tips for Disciplining Employees

/cdklawyers.com// 08/10/2012

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse frequently advises employers on workplace matters, including employee discipline issues. He suggests an employer consider the following tips when notifying an employee of misconduct and disciplinary action.


1. Describe the conduct that is being disciplined. The employer should explain why the employee is being disciplined in a factual manner. The employer should avoid labeling either the conduct or the employee. For example, an employer should state that the employee was late turning in X and Y assignments rather than stating that the employee is “habitually late” or is “a procrastinator.”

2. Make sure the employee understands the consequences, any changes in conduct that must be made, and how future misconduct will be treated. Providing a written notice to the employee with a request for the employee’s signature may minimize misunderstandings.

3. Document the disciplinary meeting. A written record should be placed in the employee’s personnel file. This record should include: the conduct at issue, the date it occurred, the nature of the discipline imposed, the date of the meeting, and the identities of the people who notified the employee of the disciplinary action.


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