Dallas, Texas Trade Secret Lawyer Discusses Workplace Challenges When Employees Use Their Own Devices for Work-Related Activities

/cdklawyers.com// 08/04/2012

Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas trade secret lawyer, notes that many employers now allow employees to use their own devices (smart phones, iPads, and other devices) for work-related activities. Mr. Clouse cautions these employers to consider the challenges inherent in letting employees use their own devices for work-related tasks.


Employers run the risk of wage and hour claims by non-exempt employees who use personal devices after office hours to respond to emails or to make work-related calls. Employers also face increased challenges in conducting investigations and implementing litigation holds. The biggest concern, however, may be an employer’s ability to protect its trade secrets.


An employer must take numerous precautions to safeguard confidential information and trade secrets when employees use personal devices for work tasks. Confidential information could be spilled accidentally (an employee leaves an unprotected iPhone on a commuter train) or intentionally (an employee downloads files onto a personal storage device shortly before resigning to work for a competitor). An employer concerned about protecting its trade secrets should consult with an employment lawyer to learn how to implement policies and safeguards to protect sensitive information.


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