Dallas Employment Lawyer: Consult a Lawyer Before Signing a Release

/cdklawyers.com// 07/29/2012

When an employer terminates an employee, the employer may offer the employee severance funds in exchange for the employee’s release of any legal claims against the employer. Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse suggests that an employee who is presented with such a release contact legal counsel before signing it.


An employee presented with a severance package and a release may feel pressured to take the offer, especially if the employer implies that the employee is lucky to receive it or indicates that the employer will rescind the offer if the employee does not accept it and sign the release immediately.


An employee, however, should not feel pressured to make an immediate decision. Instead, the employee should ask for additional time to consider the proposal and to consult with legal counsel. Consulting with legal counsel helps an employee determine if the employer’s offer is fair. If not, the lawyer may negotiate better terms. Experienced employment law counsel can also determine if the employee has any valid claims against the employer. If so, the employee may decide to turn down the employer’s offer and pursue those claims.


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