Dallas, Texas Employment Law Attorney Cautions Physicians to Carefully Consider Non-Compete Obligations Before Signing Employment Agreements

/cdklawyers.com// 07/25/2012

Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas employment law attorney, represents many physicians in employment-related matters. He negotiates new employment agreements for doctors and counsels them about existing obligations. When a physician is ready to move to a new practice, Mr. Clouse helps his client resolve issues with the current employer and transition into the new job opportunity. In these situations, non-compete issues often take center stage.


Mr. Clouse cautions doctors to carefully consider covenants not to compete in proposed employment agreements. A non-compete covenant may dramatically impact a doctor’s professional career. Things may not work out perfectly in any new employment opportunity. Unfortunately, an onerous non-compete agreement could chill the doctor’s chances of finding another job. The doctor may be forced to move to a different city or to join a practice across town in order to comply with the non-compete agreement’s terms. Or, the physician may be forced to “buy out” the non-compete agreement for a price the doctor realistically cannot afford. Speaking with experienced employment law counsel before signing an employment agreement can help a doctor fully understand how the proposed terms might impact the doctor’s practice. At that point, more favorable terms can be negotiated.


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