Should Your Business Utilize Non-Compete Agreements?

/ 07/14/2012

Dallas, Texas non-compete attorney Keith Clouse both drafts non-compete agreements and litigates disputes over non-compete agreements for his corporate clients. He notes that some businesses fail to protect their assets with non-compete agreements. He offers the following reasons why a company should consider entering into non-compete agreements with key employees.


Entering into non-compete agreements with key employees may help an employer to:
• Protect its trade secrets. A company can require employees to agree not to use or disclose trade secrets and confidential information.
• Protect its customer relationships. A non-compete agreement prevents a departing employee from “taking” customers. This gives the company time to establish and build customers’ relationships with other employees.
• Enhance its value. A business may appear more attractive in a merger or acquisition setting if the company’s assets are protected by non-compete agreements.


If an employer does utilize non-compete agreements, it can act swiftly to curtail a departed employee’s breach of an agreement and can seek further relief from a court.


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