Albuquerque Injury & Truck Crash Lawyers Highlight Roadcheck 2012

06/27/2012 // Albuquerque, NM // Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy // Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy // (press release)

Albuquerque Injury & Truck Crash Lawyers Highlight Roadcheck 2012

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The Texas Department of Public Safety recently bolstered its inspections of commercial vehicles as part of Roadcheck 2012, a three-day nationwide enforcement effort to increase motor carrier, vehicle, driver, and cargo safety and security.

During this time period, DPS troopers targeted tractor-trailers and buses that were on the road despite serious equipment violations. DPS troopers also targeted drivers who failed to comply with state and federal requirements. Specially-trained troopers and civilian personnel inspected commercial vehicles for equipment violations, such as violations involving brakes, tires, lights, and loads. DPS troopers also checked driver licenses and log books.

These efforts are necessary to stop unsafe truck and bus operators. During Roadcheck 2011, DPS and other Texas law enforcement agencies inspected almost 8,000 commercial vehicles. Those inspections revealed that 26.5 percent of the vehicles had violations so serious that the truck or bus had to be placed out of service until the necessary repairs could be made. In addition, 212 drivers were placed out of service for driver-related violations. These violations included the failure to properly track hours of driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Despite enforcement efforts like Roadcheck 2012, some commercial truck drivers continue to drive vehicles that fail to meet safety standards. Obviously, this puts all those who share the road with these vehicles at risk. If you have been affected by a truck crash, you may wish to speak to the Albuquerque Injury Lawyers/accident attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy, P.C. You may reach them at 1-806-763-9377.


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