Steelworker awarded $25 million in discrimination lawsuit

06/13/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNews // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Lackawanna, NY – A man has won a racial discrimination lawsuit against a steel mill he had been employed by for 14 years. As reported by, jurors in a federal court awarded Elijah Turley $25 million in his case against ArcelorMittal Steel deeming executives and others at the plant liable for emotional distress he inflicted in connected to a hostile work environment involving discriminatory acts.

Turley purportedly asserted in his lawsuit that his former employers and their executives failed to properly address a series of incidents in which he was targeted due to his race, including the hanging of a stuffed monkey with a noose around its neck from his car rear view mirror.

Ryan J. Mills, an attorney for Turley, is quoted in the report as stating during his closing argument, “It’s absolutely shocking that a case like this is in court in 2012… It should be viewed as atrocious and intolerable in a civilized society.”

ArcelorMittal’s Lackawanna based plant is no longer in operation as of 2009; however the company has several other plants throughout the U.S.

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