Google Reboots Its Search Algorithm, Again

Google Reboots Its Search Algorithm, Again


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It has been reported that Google has plans to take advantage of the huge amount of data it has collected over the years and to use it to present even more relevant search results— not just links to websites, but facts and answers to questions. While they do not intend to change the keyword element of search, they do plan on adding semantic technology, which reportedly will alter search to “look more like how humans understand the world,’ notes Amit Singhal, a high level Google search executive, reports the Wall Street Journal. Semantic search focuses on the meaning of the search terms rather than just the occurrence of the term and the number and quality of links to the pages containing those terms.

What that will mean to law firm marketing on the web is that the more relevant information that can be distributed across the web, the more that can be presented in a search— above and beyond delivering links to relevant sites. It is important to be aware of the fact that Google intends to deliver info other than just links to websites, to ensure that your law firm provides answers to questions and data relevant to the search on your website. Google will utilize its enormous database to provide answers to questions, but the semantic search will aid in finding that data on websites when it is not already in the database, and will evaluate how useful the data will be to the searcher.

Google has already incorporated some semantic elements into its search capabilities, such as anticipating what searchers are looking for and filling in the query and by providing answers to questions prior to completion of typing the search query in the box. This new intelligence will take search to a new level and maintain Google’s preeminence in their strive to constantly upgrade the results presented.

Although it remains to be seen whether a lawyer website may require additional programming to maintain their relevance, one thing that is sure is that the more information that can be added to a website that assists consumers in their research the better the chance of being highly ranked. That may mean more FAQ type information as well as the inclusion of other info such as verdicts and settlements and more specific qualifications for the members of the firm.

As is the case with all of the recent algorithmic updates, Google is in a constant state of evolution with the end goal of providing the most relevant and useful results as possible to consumers. It is important that your lawyer website and blog offer as much relevant content and informatiojn as possible to keep pace with the changes.

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