Dallas, Texas Employment Attorney Discusses the Ideal Non-Compete Agreement

/cdklawyers.com// 05/26/2012

Dallas, Texas employment attorney Keith Clouse drafts non-compete agreements for both senior executives and employers. In his twenty years of practicing employment law, he has seen all sorts of non-compete agreements. In some cases, it seemed the employers sought to punish executives for even thinking about leaving. A typical onerous non-competition agreement restricted an employee from working in any capacity for any company that sold any products or provided any services that competed with those sold or offered by the employer for a period lasting several years. Such an agreement could prevent an executive from even searching for a new position.


Mr. Clouse notes that the best agreements are often the ones that serve both parties’ purposes. These agreements both protect an employer’s trade secrets and client relationships and also allow the employee to freely move within the industry. An employer needs to protect its trade secrets and the customer relationships the employee developed while working for the employer. An employee needs to be able to move within a chosen industry without sitting out for three years. An employment law specialist can draft a non-compete agreement that satisfies both purposes.


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