In this DIY Age, Why Should Your Start-Up Company Hire an Employment Lawyer?

/ 05/18/2012

We live in a “do it yourself” age. With the Internet, a company can find an online solution to virtually any problem a business might have, including employment law matters. Many of these “solutions” are even free. A start-up company may be tempted to rely on online material to make decisions regarding employment matters and to use online forms to create employment-related documents, such as employee handbooks and employment agreements. Dallas, Texas employment attorney Keith Clouse believes, however, that the advantages of hiring an employment law specialist far outweigh the ease and cost-savings of relying on Internet sources.


An employment lawyer will take the time to understand the business goals of a company and to craft solutions that both comply with the applicable laws and that satisfy business objectives. By seeking advice from an employment law attorney, a business can pinpoint exactly what services and documents it needs; in many cases a business’s actual needs vary from its anticipated needs. Also, while many start-up companies view cost as a deterrent to hiring a lawyer, a small investment upfront to ensure that a company’s policies and procedures comply with all legal requirements can help a company avoid costly legal battles in the future.


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