Dallas, Texas Employment Lawyer Offers Tips for Employers for Avoiding Employment Law Problems This Summer

/cdklawyers.com// 05/12/2012

With summer fast approaching, Dallas, Texas employment lawyer Keith Clouse offers the following tips for employers to help them embrace the summer season while remaining compliant with state and federal employment laws.

1. If you plan to hire an unpaid summer intern, know the laws regarding unpaid internships.
2. If you plan to hire seasonal workers, be sure that your policies and procedures address temporary workers. For example, these workers may not qualify for the benefits offered to other employees.
3. If you allow your employees to dress more casually in the summer, remind them that their casual dress must still convey a professional image.
4. Anticipate vacation requests and have a plan for handling them. Many employees ask for time off in the summer. To avoid understaffing and the appearance of favoritism, make sure that your vacation policies are solid and communicated in advance to your employees.


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