Web Marketing For Law Firms: How to Get 100+ Leads Per Month

Web Marketing For Law Firms: How to Get 100+ Leads Per Month


05/01/2012 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras // (press release)

(Web Marketing for Law Firms) – The best way to describe how we can help our clients is always in terms of generating the largest number of visitors as possible to their law firm websites. There is always a direct correlation between the number of visits and acquiring good cases. There is no need to learn the new math; the more visits the better your chances are of finding that nugget. Conversely, the more leads you will have to sift through to make that discovery.

That said there are several options with regard to the tactics and strategy that can be employed, all with varying cost and engagement. Our web marketing for law firms and SEO work also includes content marketing, and we firmly believe that in light of the Google Panda update and the algorithmic changes that followed, it is a key tactic.

One recommended approach is to focus on long tail keywords, which are defined as phrases that include 3-5 words, to help narrow down a search. The focus on long tail keywords helps increase both search engine results and improve conversion ratios, according to research by the Internet marketing company Conductor published by Search Engine Watch. Many searches may begin with a head keyword, a one to two word phrase, but ultimately end in a long tail search as too many broad choices are often delivered. This option casts a wider net within a specific practice area silo to reap the benefit of the maximum number of searchers and the maximum number of search terms with measurable traffic. While there may be less individual searches for the long tail terms, there is also less competition and the searchers are often more serious, hence more likely to convert.

In a recent study for one of our New York injury attorneys, our pay-per-click research showed that there were more than 155,000 monthly searches in the personal injury silo, or category.

To be conservative, we assume that a large portion of the searches are of no value for a variety of reasons, so we estimate that we can capture about 3% of the total searches resulting in more than 4500 potential new visitors to their law firm website. Of the new visitors perhaps 3% or 138 of those visitors might turn out to be legitimate prospects.

The inclusion of many long tail keywords increases the quantity and quality of leads generated. The effort will continue to gain momentum and once committed to web marketing for law firms, the plans should be considered long term.

Especially important at the beginning of a new campaign while building strength into a website, content marketing using syndicated articles is one of the best ways to generate visitors even after your website has reached page one.

Until we start driving some measurable traffic to a lawyer website it is difficult to predict the strength the website actually has. This is important because it is possible be successful in driving traffic but less successful at being able to convert them into a call or form submission. While we build law firm websites with the benefit of all of our experience, it is at this point that we refine our design and content so that we can further maximize the conversions and turn visitors into cases.

For more information on law firm websites or web marketing for law firms, contact Rene Perras at 720-ONE-RENE or visit Cepac.com

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Rene Perras is a search engine optimization consultant, who has helped law firms of all types with attorney websites for over 20 years. For a free consultation about lawyer marketing and attorney websites, please contact Rene Perras at 720-ONE-RENE or visit Cepac.com.

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