Law Firm Search Engine Marketing: Strong SERP Placement Can Replace PPC

05/03/2012 // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // (press release)

Law Firm Search Engine Marketing: Strong SERP Placement Can Replace PPC

It really pays to be on top! Especially when a Google report showed that when businesses rank highly in natural search results, they are more apt to swap pay-per-click advertising with natural search marketing successfully.

According to Google statistician David Chain and Google research evangelist Lizzy Van Alstine, “businesses that achieve the No. 1 search ranking for a term can replace 50 percent of their website traffic gained from paid search with organic clicks if they pull the plug on paid search campaigns. Overall, Google found that the lower a website ranks in organic search, the less paid search traffic they can expect to replace with organic clicks if they stop investing in PPC,” Brafton reported.

For business, this means less money spent on paid advertising and more money in your advertising budget for services like SEO to maintain your top SERP ranking. It is proven that the majority of consumers do not venture beyond page two of SERPS—meaning if your not on the first two pages, preferably page one, your website likely won’t been seen by prospective clients.

By employing law firm search engine marketing efforts you can cut through the Internet clutter, and place your law firm’s website on the top of search engine results and directly in front of thousands of lawyer-seeking prospects.

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Google research: Strong SERP standing can replace some paid search traffic

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