PRW Injury Lawyers Open Rockwall, TX Location

PRW Injury Lawyers Open Rockwall, TX Location


11/15/2011 // Rockwall, Texas, USA // Texas Injury Accident Lawyer // PRW Injury Lawyers

Texas injury accident firm, PRW Injury Lawyers is opening another new office, in Rockwall, Texas, to better serve personal injury accident victims in the surrounding areas. The website,, will allow accident victims who have been injured in a car accident, trucking accident, or other form of personal injury incident, including catastrophic injury accidents, to learn about the firm and its personal injury and wrongful death attorneys. In addition, accident victims can submit detailed information about their injury and receive a prompt evaluation about the value of their case, which allows them to start on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

For victims of personal injury accidents, having legal representation from a personal injury accident lawyer may be the most viable option to seek legal compensation for their case. In Texas, plaintiffs have the right to seek legal compensation to fully restore their damages following an accident injury for which another person or entity may be responsible.

The burden of proof falls to the plaintiff, which in most cases is extremely difficult to prove, without the help of an attorney, given their limited resources. PRW personal injury lawyers and accident attorneys can help injured victims assess their legal options and determine the best course of action for receiving just compensation for these damages. PRW Injury Lawyers has an extensive track record for helping East Texas accident injury victims achieve favorable verdicts and settlements for their cases and helping victims get started on the path to recovery. With the launch of their website and opening of another new office, PRW Injury Lawyers will be able to reach a wider service area within Texas and help their clients receive legal counsel as quickly as possible.

PRW Injury Lawyers has been serving the Texas area since 1980. They have offices in Sulphur Springs, Tyler, Longview, and now Rockwall. PRW Lawyers represent the following cases: Serious Motor Vehicle and Trucking Accidents/18-Wheeler Accidents, Auto Accident Injury, Motorcycle Accident Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Fatal Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injury, Wrongful Death, and Construction Accidents.

The Texas law firm, PRW Injury Lawyers, represents clients in all areas of the state.

Media Information:

Address: 1309 Ridge Road, Suite 105, Rockwall, Texas, 75087
Phone: 866-509-5604
Url: East Texas Injury Accident Lawyer

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