Fringe Benefits Explained by Dallas Employment Lawyer Keith Clouse

/ 03/30/2012

Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas employment lawyer, advises employers and employees on workplace legal issues and litigates employment-related disputes. In these tough economic times, he has observed that employers must make difficult decisions about whether to offer certain fringe benefits to their employees. He explains:

Fringe benefits are non-wage compensation given to employees in addition to their wages. Examples include:
• Group health insurance;
• Dental, vision, and prescription drug plans;
• Paid sick leave, personal leave, and vacation leave;
• Retirement benefit plans and pension plans;
• Long-term care insurance;
• Life insurance;
• Tuition assistance;
• Relocation assistance;
• Child care benefits;
• Adoption assistance;
• Wellness programs;
• Employee discounts for particular vendors (such as hotels, theme parks, or other businesses); and
• Paid parking or parking reimbursement.

Employers are generally not required by law to provide fringe benefits, and benefit programs can be expensive. That said, most employers provide some fringe benefits to full-time employees, and a solid benefit program may help an employer attract and retain employees.

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