Dallas Employment Law Attorney Explains Why So Many Employment-Related Lawsuits Settle

/cdklawyers.com// 03/11/2012

Most civil lawsuits, including employment law cases, settle well before trial. Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas employment lawyer, explains some of the reasons why so many employment-related lawsuits settle.


First, cost motivates many settlements. Litigation is expensive, and attorney fees add up quickly. For employers, costs also include the time and attention of senior managers and employees in the human resources department.


Second, although many parties begin the litigation process feeling angry or defensive, most eventually realize that they would rather sacrifice the vindication of a positive trial outcome for a known resolution. Few cases are so one-sided that a party knows with certainty that the party will win, and jury verdicts are notoriously unpredictable.


Other factors pushing parties towards settlement include:
• Negative publicity for the employer;
• Stress and anxiety for the people involved in the lawsuit;
• The employer’s exposure to other, similar lawsuits;
• Loss of privacy for the employee; and
• Damage to the morale of the remaining employees.


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