Dallas Employment Lawyer Explains How Employers Can Help Their Employment Lawyers Increase Efficiency

/cdklawyers.com// 03/10/2012

Most businesses need employment law attorneys to litigate disputes with employees and to provide general employment law advice. Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas employment law counselor, suggests ways an employer can minimize the expenses associated with such services.


First, the employer should always contact a lawyer at the first sign of legal trouble; often employment law issues can be resolved quickly (and thus cheaply) if caught and handled right away.


Before meeting with counsel, the employer should fully prepare. A human resources representative should gather all the files and documents related to the situation and organize them in an easy-to-understand system. Doing so avoids legal fees for an attorney’s time spent sorting and organizing paperwork. The human resources representative may also wish to prepare a concise presentation of the facts, including a chronology of events and a list of the key people involved. Doing so enables the attorney to jump straight into analyzing the situation. Of course, any such document should be clearly marked as a confidential attorney-client communication.


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