Petowner Sues Petco After Dog’s Ear was Cut Off, Taped Back On

02/17/2012 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Honolulu, HI — Petco is under fire after two dog owners say their pets were mutilated while being groomed at an Oahu store. The lawsuit was filed on Monday, February 13, 2012, in a state court, reported the Houston Chronicle.

According to the lawsuit, Gladys Kapuwai left her dog Dodo at the Petco store for grooming in Kaneohe in July, when her pet’s ear was cut off. Dodo’s ear appeared to be reattached by glue or sewn back on when Kapuwai came to pick up her dog, the lawsuit maintained.

Estelle Green also alleges that her dog Hope was injured while being groomed at the store. The top of Hope’s tail was reportedly cut off and bleeding, as well as sustaining cut eyelashes and whiskers and bleeding toes, the lawsuit claims.

The plaintiffs assert that they have suffered serious emotional distress and anxiety. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.

Petco, a San Diego-based business, said they take “any animal care concerns very seriously and we’re actively investigating these cases… we have very strong standards and policies in place for the care and treatment of animals in our grooming salon and we provide training on those standards and policies for our grooming associates,”

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