Executives Moving to Texas Should Ask a Texas Employment Lawyer to Explain Texas Non-Compete Law

/cdklawyers.com// 02/18/2012

Texas non-compete lawyer Keith Clouse not only negotiates non-compete agreements for executives entering into employment relationships, but he also litigates disputes over these agreements when executives leave employers. In some cases, these disputes involve misunderstandings about Texas non-compete law. Therefore, Mr. Clouse cautions an executive who is asked to sign a non-compete agreement that will be governed by Texas law to consult with a Texas employment law attorney before signing the agreement.


Non-compete law varies by jurisdiction; just because an executive “knows” the law of one state does not mean the executive knows the law in Texas. And, Texas non-compete law is not only unique, but it is also rapidly changing. For example, last year the Texas Supreme Court issued a game-changing ruling regarding the consideration needed to support a non-compete agreement. For these reasons, an executive contemplating a non-compete agreement that will be governed by Texas law should speak to a qualified Texas employment law attorney so that the executive fully understands the contractual rights and obligations arising under the agreement.


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